Dragon Born ? Legacy of a Hero

Dragon Born from Koramgame burst onto the scene back in March 2012, quickly making its mark as one of the top action-fantasy RPGs in the browser based stratosphere. Dragon Born instantly gained many fans around the globe thanks largely to the captivating graphics, intriguing characters and exciting game play. Fast forward four months and Koramgame is readying the launch of a new server (Server Seven), a server which will be used to usher in the latest version of this action packed RPG.

This latest installment, titled ?Legacy of a Hero?, promises to continue the legacy of Dragon Born, building on the already popular game by adding some interesting new features to this fantasy RPG. These new features include; an exciting and challenging Heroic Mode, new mysterious mount equipment (that can be used with the new fourth slot), new bloodlines, new gem enhancements and more new features, all of which add a new dimension to the Dragon Born experience.

For fans of the game there is more good news as it has been announced that Koramgame will be teaming up with media partners to give away some fantastic ?Forbidden City Gift Packs? to celebrate the launch of the new Dragon Born server. These exclusive ?Forbidden City Gift Packs? will include goodies such as infusers, charms and EXP coupons, giving fans the chance to make the most of their Server Seven experience.

The new server, which has been named ?S7 Forbidden City?, is scheduled to launch at 19:00 PST, July 11th and promises to deliver more action-packed, fantasy-themed adventures for players who dare to take on the challenge and continue their adventure.  Dragon Born has already challenged thousands of gamers around the world and now with Server Seven a new chapter begins?

For all the latest Dragon Born news and events you can visit the Dragon Born homepage.

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