Korea?s Top Female StarCraft player decides to retire a decade later

In a male-dominated world, it is hard to be a female pro-gamer, especially in South Korea. StarCraft is Korea?s unofficial national pastime without a doubt.  The 27-year-old, Seo Ji-Soo (aka ToSsGirl) was one of the first females to ever become a pro-gamer. She was also the country?s last active female player as well. As of this month, ToSsGirl will be retiring.

Seo decided to become a pro-gamer after watching Lim play on TV, which is why she may get her name ?The Female Lim Yo-Hawn?.  By the time she was 17, she qualified for the female StarCraft league and one that she would conquer. The female league eventually was broken up and so she moved onto the male league. She did well, but not as well as she had previously done.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t meet expectations with stellar play,” Seo said late last month (via Naver). “I’ll never forget the love I got because I was a pro-gamer.”

A retirement ceremony is due for her in the next July 17 league game.

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