Dragon’s Lair Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade With Kinect Support

You ever play Dragon’s Lair?  If you haven’t (and chances are good you may not have) it was an old arcade game back in 1983.  Back in the days when games were considered HD if they were 16-Bit, Dragon’s Lair was an interactive cartoon, much like the FMV games seen on early CD-based consoles like Night Trap for the SEGA CD.

Dragon’s Lair was unique because it was done by Disney artist Don Bluth, who’s art style is pretty distinctive.  You felt like you were really controlling the cartoon because, well, you were!  Kids would be impressed when someone could get through all the timing-based puzzles, making you king of the arcade as they put their quarters up to challenge you.

Dargon’s Lair has been ported to a lot of platforms (PS3, iOS, DVD players, etc.), but now it’s coming to 360 with the ability to play with Kinect.  Kinect will add a new challenge to the game, which I’ll like after finishing it with the touch controls of the iPhone.  A new challenge will be welcome.  Of course, controller play is very much a thing you can do, but Kinect will be an exclusive feature.  I’m looking forward to this release.

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