Dragon’s Prophet Celebrating First Anniversary

As the increasingly popular dragon training and combat MMO strives towards its first anniversary developers Runewaker
Entertainment revealed an exciting list of activities to celebrate the occasion. Contrary to typical anniversary celebrations Dragon’s Prophet players can instead expect a mixture of new and challenging content alongside time exclusive events.

the first time players will have the opportunity to experience the
thrilling new raid dungeon, the Nucleus of Time. The high-level dungeon
is heavily guarded but an enormous underground structure promises
endless rewards as players attempt to take down the
infamous Sardok; but it won’t be easy. He’s got some friends. Four
powerful bosses will block your path to Sardok so make sure you’re well prepared before you embark on this epic quest.

aid with players exploration of new content Infernum also announced
that they will be adding a limited time celebratory loot buff in all
areas beginning Wednesday. Daily login rewards have also been
introduced, increasing in rarity and value with consecutive days of

Source: Press Release

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