Sentinels Heroes Enters Open Beta Later Today

Sentinel Heroes Studios today announced the open beta release for the strategy-infused free-to-play MMORPG Sentinels Online. Formerly known as Duty of Sentinel, the developers today revealed the brand new name alongside the open beta details including an exciting variety of open beta events.

The game enjoyed a lengthy 2 month closed beta test which gave the developers ample time to respond to the impressive levels of feedback received. The developers have released an extensive list of modifications, fixes and tweaks to improve on the closed beta experience.

The open beta release sees the introduction of several features that never appeared in closed beta including the Talent System, Strengthen System, Eclosion and Wisps, all offering a huge boost of content compared to the previous client.

The developers will also giveaway a variety of items during 2 forum events. Information below:

1. Starter Giftpack (Mysterious)
2. Legend Creator Giftpack (Worth 2000 dollars)
2. Level Cap Giftpack (Worth 1000 dollars)
3. King of Dungeons Giftpack (Worth 800 dollars)

For more details on the events and competition check out the official forums.

Source: Press Release

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