Dragon’s Prophet – Closed Beta Now Available

Infernum have just announced that the closed beta period for the highly anticipated Dragon’s Prophet is now available. Break away from the typical shackles that restrain regular MMO games and enjoy a fantasy world filled with magic and dragons. If you’ve ever wanted to catch, tame, train and ride powerful dragons in truly epic MMO scale, Dragon’s Prophet could be just the game you’re looking for.

The current build available on the closed beta servers only supports English, however Deep Silver have confirmed that French and German versions will be released at a later date. Several months after it was originally announced Infernum’s Dragon’s Prophet has managed to attract hundreds of thousands. Dedicated gamers flocked to the website for the beginning of closed beta yesterday, and the traffic shows no signs of slowing.

The initial testing period will only allow access to a very limited amount of players, those selected from the closed beta registration pool. Several stress tests are planned during the duration of the closed beta event, opening the servers to more players for limited periods. The stress tests will follow an open beta model, giving every player the opportunity to dive into the world of Auratia and help shape the future of the game.

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