District 187 – AWM 300-Gold Weapon Code Giveaway

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK has teamed up with CJ Games to deliver to you a great in-game item rental!

AWM 300-Gold One-Day Trial
Item Detail:
A Gold-plated variation of the AWM 300 sniper rifle was modified by Mr.Mad to yield additional effectiveness against the S.W.A.T. Try this new rifle and rule District 187!

Redemption Guide:
1)    Sign Up with Netmarble (www.netmarble.com)
2)    Sign In and go to SHOP> Redeem Codes (http://www.netmarble.com/shop/redeem.asp)
3)    Choose District 187 and enter Your PromoCode with hyphen (-)
4)    To receive item, you need to run District 187 open your mailbox.
5)    Go to ?Shop/Inventory? to equip
6)    Enjoy AWM 300-Gold for 24 hours!

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