Dragon’s Prophet – New Dragon Information Available

Infernum and Deep Silver have just revealed more information on a major aspect of their upcoming MMO Dragon’s Prophet, the dragons. Stepping away from the typical MMO approach to dragons, usually featuring them as lifeless mounts that do little more than make you look good, Dragon’s Prophet brings dragons into the MMO world as an integral part of the game.

They’ve also released a brand new trailer detailing some of the features available to dragons in Dragon’s Prophet, You can view the trailer below.

Dragon's Prophet - Unleash the Dragons

These magical creatures will stand toe-to-toe with any enemy a player encounters. The faithful companions can be used both as a mount and a combat ally, with unique and powerful abilities available to each type of dragon.

Even more impressive is the list of actual dragons within the game. There will be over 300 different dragons available at launch, each of which can be found, tamed and controlled by the player. Although players are able to tame a massive selection of dragons, they must choose only 6 that they wish to travel with. This creates a massive variety of player and dragon partnerships, creating one of the games most unique selling points.

Every dragon a player tames will be stored inside a personal lair, a barracks for dragons if you will. Using the lair players can teach their dragons new skills and abilities, or send them off to collect resources and fulfill other tasks.

The video doesn’t look all that impressive in regards to the combat but the Pokemon collector in me is screaming. It’s got to be done.

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