Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn – Closed Beta Incoming

A franchise that has spanned decades after its first release in 1987 but Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series hasn’t proved all that popular with the latest addition to the online world. Final Fantasy XIV was a disaster at official release, disappointing fans across the glove and eventually forcing Square Enix to remove the subscription fee while the issues were addressed. However, thousands lay in hope that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has the ingredients needed to return Final Fantasy to its former glory.

Square Enix announced earlier today that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will enter its final closed beta phase on Monday, February 25th, giving the most loyal fans the opportunity to sample the re-designed world of Final Fantasy XIV.

To avoid disappointment Square Enix have also released a new benchmarking tool that will allow players to assess their gaming rigs hardware and performance levels. The new benchmarking tool can be downloaded from the official website here

One of the most anticipated improvements comes in form of the Full Active Time Events, or FATE, feature. It’s a new gameplay system that will allow players to participate in random exciting events by being in close proximity of the events starting location. It’s very similar to the features used in Guild Wars 2, but with a Final Fantasy twist.

So how do you feel about Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn? Did you ever try the lackluster original or have you been waiting for that injection of new features?

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