Dragon’s Prophet – Sale & Open Beta Early Access

With Dragon?s Prophet just a few days away from launching its open beta, MMO ATK thought it would be a good idea to alert our fans of the limited time sales available to boost your characters journey. These boosts will come in the form of Starter Packs, and allow players to jump into a massive open beta of Dragons before others do.

Dragon?s Prophet follows the trend of many new MMO games, making Starter Packs available for anyone looking for a competitive edge. Three tiers of Dragon Packs have been available to help support new players, and they are all on sale for just a few more days. For today and tomorrow, gamers can purchase these starter packs for 25% off their original price. The packs are a cost effective bargain as is, which makes the discount even more of a steal.

The basic Dragon Seeker Pack will grant players with a set of unique items. The Dragon Master Pack includes more items, currency, and even an exclusive dragon mount. Are you a true dragon fan? Then maybe you?ll want the massive Dragon Lord Pack, which features over 81 items, 4 exclusive weapons, reliable armor, room for storage, and Large domicile that supports plenty of housing. No matter how much money players spend to support their cause, they can look forward to early access to the games open beta after the sale ends. If you are one of those Dragon?s Prophet fans who just can?t wait, make sure to pick up a starter pack to start playing the open beta Wednesday, a day before everyone else can join.

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