Dragon’s Prophet – Two New Starting Zones Unveiled

Sony Online Entertainment have just released new information on the available starting zones in their upcoming MMORPG game, Dragon’s Prophet. Before exploring the mystical world of Auratia players will be asked to pledge their allegiance to the Osiran army, before having the opportunity of selecting their starting zone. Two zones have been revealed today; Bakra and Satuma with both being featured when the game launches, with each map supporting players up to level 30.


Located in northern Auratia, Bakra has been affected both environmentally and sociologically by the First Dragon War, with much of the region shattered by a spectacular fight between two legendary dragons. Steep gorges, gigantic waterfalls, and once-mighty cities have fallen to ruin among the zone’s grasslands and forests. The island can be divided into five areas and features three bustling cities; each considered centers for trade and mining. The mining town of Fatoia serves as an important junction for the metal industry, since mineral ores are not only mined but also distributed and traded. With its airships and cable cars that haul both goods and passengers, Fatoia has steadily become a key hub for transport and trade. In Siberna, townsfolk have flawlessly adjusted to the quiet rigors of mining life; however, nearby Omati Gorge poses a threat to Siberna with its multitude of deserted mining pits, which are now inhabited by wild dragons.


Satuma, located in Mangard, which forms the western part of Auratia, is a large plain filled with lakes and rivers and surrounded by high mountains. Water is an important element in the life of Satuma, with many villages populated by fishermen:

During the First Dragon War, numerous battles were fought in Satuma, each changing the wide plains a bit more, eventually turning it into a massive natural lake where all the main rivers in Mangard meet. Notable villages include Hunak, which is located just above the Kylar Abyss, the point where all the rivers in Satuma meet. To the east of Hunak lies an ancient and lush forest, the Ayanah Forest, which is the main source of construction materials in the area but also shelters fierce and terrible Forest Giants. Another source of danger is the ruins of City of Deyarka, now known as the Wolfman Stronghold. Once a fortified city built by the famous evil General Deyarka, it was badly damaged during the First Dragon War and is now home to a dangerous species of sub-humans, the Wolfmen. In contrast, all players will love visiting the bustling, colorful city of Tahkar in northern Satuma, a picturesque town famous for its hospitality, colorful signs and delicious food.

Runewaker Entertainment, Dragon’s Prophet developers, are looking to usher in a new era of AAA entertainment with aid from publishing giants SOE. The game will transport players into a mystical world filled with beauty and danger at every turn. Players will be able to capture, train and ride a huge variety of dragons before diving into realistic, action-based gameplay.

Closed beta is expected to start in the next few months. Applications are currently open so interested players can apply on the official website here.

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