Dream World

Dream World is an unique and exciting browser based fantasy MMORPG.  While the game is turn-based, it offers  an intriguing and unique multiplayer experience for all gamers.

Your character is the main hero of the story. While you start the game in a small village by the lake, your quest will eventually take you to many other towns and cities and explore many different dungeons and wilderness areas. The Dream World consists several villages, towns, cities, and their surrounding areas. Each area provides it’s own sets of offerings for adventurers.

There are three types of weapon skills in Dream World. Characters learn these skills through training. You might unlock skills if your meet the intelligence attribute requirement. You can also unlock new professions as well by raising weapon skills.

Quests are an important part of the game. You must complete main quests in order to move to new areas and beat the game. There are optional side-quests that will offer good rewards if you choose to take them. And there are chance quests found in dungeons that will help you progress through the levels. Click on the “quest” menu to see your quest progress at any time.

There over a dozen badges you can earn in the game. A list is available in the “badge” tab of the “quest” menu. They are symbols of your accomplishment. Each badge you unlock will grant you additional max energy you can store.

After you completed the game’s main quests, there are many playable areas (game expansions) waiting for you to challenge.

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