Duel Of Heroes TCG/RPG Hybrid Hits Kickstarter

We’re going a little Kickstarter crazy on MMOAttack today with information on yet another Kickstarter project with the MMORPG/TCG hyrbid, Duel of Heroes: Chronicles of the Lost Planet. The campaign began a few days ago but Totally Awesome Games have already raised $7,795 of their $75,000 goal, offering an MMO that hopes to deliver a new type of online card game experience with the combination of depth seen in TCG titles with the exploration and graphical elements of today’s RPG games.

Players will be able to explore a 2D world which includes many features never-before seen in the MMOTCG space. The Kickstarter highlights information on many unique aspects including the opportunity to participate in Guild Wars, the ability to kill and capture powerful foes to add to your deck and character customization and progression options usually reserved for the RPG genre.

It’s quite a lofty goal for a game occupying such a unique niche but if the list of features manages to impress the TCG community there’s an exciting future ahead for Duel of Heroes: Chronicles of the Lost Planet.

A concept art highlight video is also included on the Kickstarter page, you can check it out below. For additional information outside of the Kickstarter page check out the website.


Source: Kickstarter

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