Dungeons and Dragons Online – Update 16 To Have ?Generous Helping Of Adventures?

The forthcoming update for Dungeons and Dragons Online, cleverly titled Update 16, is bringing one more generous helping of Forgotten Realms adventures to the game this coming November. The content will focus on an all new landscape, new monsters, a new story to explore, and castles to loot. For the high-level players, they can look forward to a brand new Epic Destiny for the Primal sphere called the ?Primal Avatar?.

The DDO team plans on having additional updates by the years end as well. ?Which one can only guess would be in December.

Executive Producer Fernando Paiz said, ?Then to close out the year, we are aiming for one more release in December. Though we will primarily focus on quality of life in this release, we are also planning a few updates to our winter festivals. The natives of Forgotten Realms do not share in Eberron?s traditions, so expect the town of Eveningstar to show us how they celebrate the cold weather season! Look for more details on these releases soon.?

?I want to express a big thank you to all of our players for making this one of the biggest years ever for DDO! We are excited to have begun a new chapter for DDO in the Forgotten Realms campaign, and we are eager to grow the world and bring new stories and adventures to you for years to come.?

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