DK Online – New Shadowmage Class Video Revealed

DK Online?s Shadowmage class has come out from the darkness and into the spotlight as Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, has released the last of the series of class spotlight videos for the up and coming MMORPG.

?Not all heroes are innocent and pure. In stark contrast to the most recent spotlight on the devout Paladin, the Shadowmage embraces a more sinister and subversive method of combat. Rather than going head to head with their adversaries, Shadowmages make them easier to kill by cursing and weakening them with dark spells.?

?Shadowmages are the ultimate support class, bringing a wealth of buffs to the party and debuffs to enemies. They have the ability to inflict poison, silence, paralysis, bleeding, slow, and more on their targets while simultaneously providing resistances against those same types of debuffs to their allies. No matter the situation, the Shadowmage has several powerful tools to swing the tide of battle in their favor.?

If players want to know more about the Shadowmage, as well as any of the other classes, they can check out the DK Online website. The game will be free to download and free-to-play just like all of Aeria?s other games.

There is currently registration going on for a closed beta for which players can register at:

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