DUST 514 – Playstation 3 Open Beta Begins

CCP Games, developers of EVE Online, recently announced that the highly anticipated open beta period is now available for their MMOFPS, DUST 514. The game promises to usher in a new era for cross-platform play as players from both DUST 514 and EVE Online will be able to directly influence the world of both games.

Following a futuristic, science-fiction setting DUST 514 is all set to deliver an exhilarating FPS experience unlike anything previously seen in the MMO space. The game has been widely hailed as Playstation 3’s answer to the hugely popular Xbox franchise, Halo. Whether that is true remains to be seen but on the surface, DUST 514 does include many of the features seen in its Xbox counterpart.

Players can expect a huge variety of weapons, a good selection of vehicles and the unique ability to communicate with EVE Online players in real-time. Along with the official announcement comes the release of a new trailer:

DUST 514: PSN Open Beta Launch Trailer

What do you think? Will you be downloading the beta or giving DUST 514 a miss? Take a peak at what DUST 514 could mean for the future of gaming.

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