DK Online – Ready for Launch

Aeria Games is pleased to announce that their brand new fantasy MMORPG DK Online is ready for launch!  The game has garnered quite a positive response through its beta tests and now all players can join in on the action.  All character progress will now be permanent and players will not be subject to any further character wipes.

With the release there have been several new features being launched.  The world of Litos will have tons more to explore than anyone had seen in any beta test.  There are completely new castles that were added to the Castle Siege mod and a slew of new boss creatures that are scattered throughout the world that have some awesome loot in-store.

[blockquote}?After a lot of hard work and incorporating the great feedback we received from players during beta testing, we?re proud to release DK Online,? said Tom Nichols, Director of Publishing at Aeria Games. ?This game’s strong graphics, balanced classes, and unique PvP castle sieges are sure to be a big hit with Aeria’s player community.?[/blockquote]

As will all Aeria Games titles, the game is free to download and play.  For anyone interested in playing DK Online, there’s a link below!  Enjoy!

[play-now=]Play DK Online[/play-now]

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