Earthrise Going 100% F2P After December 1st

Masthead Studios is transitioning the P2P MMORPG Earthrise into a free-to-play game. By making the MMORPG free, the studio hopes to get more loyal players as the kinks are worked out of the game. Through the transition, new players will need to be invited to play ? open sign-ups will be temporarily disabled.

?We decided to let all our players have unlimited gaming experience until we all are satisfied with the experience in our game,? said Masthead CEO Atlanas Atansov. ?At the moment Earthrise features one of the best visuals, content and gameplay of all sci-fi MMOs on the market. However, it is missing polish and has annoyances that spoil the fun in the game. We are learning from our experience and that is why we will remove monthly charges until we bring the game to a quality state that is satisfactory to us and our players.?

This is turning into a modus operandi of sorts for the MMO community ? release a game in a half-finished state, see if players are interested, then force the game F2P and re-tool. Once everyone is sufficiently happy, subscription fees can be reinstated. It will likely work for Square Enix?s Final Fantasy XIV, so there?s no reason to think the strategy can?t work for Earthrise.

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