Exoplanet War

Exoplanet War is a new browser based MMORTS game set in a distant universe where science fiction is reality. Exoplanet War offers players the choice of playing as one of three unique races, Gaians, Zubens and Neckrons, all with their own design and style of buildings and units.Unlike most free to play browser games, Exoplant War is set in a technologically advanced era where 3 civilizations are fighting for control of vital planets in order to sustain their energy supplies.

The game hosts a variety of interesting mechanics such as the 72 hour newbie protection system but the more interesting parts of Exoplanet war lie within the Commander system. Commanders are unique, individual units that march your armies into battle. Each Commander can gain experience and increase in strength, as well as learn new abilities and spells. Commanders are not limited to any particular race or unit and can be Infantry, Vehicle or even Air.

Once you’ve built your army and chosen your Commander’s, you can add specific improvements and abilities to practically any unit under your command via an in depth research and development system revolving around one of the constructed buildings. These elements, combined with the fresh, science fiction settings makes Exoplanet War quite a nice change to the typical medieval settings used in other free to play MMORTS browser games.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the way your army is sent to war. A large number of MMORTS games require a substantial time investment before you’re fully able to pose any kind of military threat but Exoplanet War has you fighting battles within a few moments and doesn’t punish new players for a few bad decisions early on.

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