Ecol Tactics Online – New Movement Trailer Released

Following the recent release of the Ecol Tactics Online trailer the developers, GamesCampus, are hot on the heals of hype with a new video detailing the movement mechanics for their upcoming browser-based MMO.

“We wanted to give players who aren’t familiar with Tactical RPGs a quick idea of how easy it is to play Ecol Tactics Online, as these types of games are not typically found on PC,” said Elliott Coward, Project Lead for Ecol Tactics Online. “Veterans of the Tactical RPG genre are sure to be pleased how we’ve brought the classic gameplay of the titles they love right into a browser-based MMO!”

The trailer highlights the basic isometric grid featured in Ecol Tactics Online, a movement mechanic borrowed from a variety of popular tactical RPG games. It also goes into detail regarding different terrain types and the impact they have on your movement and hit-points.

There’s also a sneak peak at some of the stronger abilities from the various classes including the Fighter, Mage and Ranger. Personally, that multiple arrow shot from the Ranger seems to pack quite a punch; I’ll be rolling that class when the game becomes available.

For more information, and to register your interest for the game, you can visit the official website here

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