District 187 – Winter Of Wars Update Live

CJ Games Global have announced the immediate release of the Winter of Wars update for their urban combat FPS, District 187. The update brings a plethora of new content to the game, enough to make it the biggest update in the games short history. Fans have been screaming out for the introduction of the Achievement System, a feature that has been teased in-game but has not been available; however their prayers have now been answered as achievements are now fully supported.

The update includes new content for practically every area of the game, I’ve highlighted some of the more defining aspects below

New Maps

A brand new area of the city is being introduced, bringing with it three new game maps and a new section for “Street Fight”. The three new maps will feature tight passageways and long vantage points for snipers, introducing warfare that all players can exploit to their advantage.

New Weapons

Accompanying the maps is also some seriously deadly gear in the form of ten brand new weapons. Included in the bunch are three new melee weapons, four primary weapons and the first permanent weapon, the Azure PDW K101

New Aesthetic Items

A variety of new costumes and items have also been introduced, giving players the opportunity to showoff their individual flair on the battlefield. Included are two new costumes, a pair of glasses and two new respawn-related items can that reduce or even eliminate respawn times.

As far as MMOFPS games go, District 187 is considered to be one of the top competitors by many shooting fans; for more information on the game you can check the official website

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