Economy Overhaul Hits Darkfall: Unholy Wars

Earlier today Adventurine answered the prayers of thousands with the release of the highly anticipated Economy Path for the recently re-branded sandbox MMORPG game, Darkfall: Unholy Wars. The new update introduces a host of much-needed improvements to a variety of the economy-based features within Darkfall: Unholy Wars including harvesting, the introduction of brand new materials, advanced tools and a whole lot more.

We are introducing 4 new basic harvested materials Inferior Ore,
Inferior Cotton, Inferior Timber, Inferior Rawhide. Normal harvesting
nodes will now drop the inferior version of the material (which you can
upgrade to the normal material through the conversion crafting skills
smelting, weaving, tanning, woodcutting).
The nodes in safe areas drop abundant inferior materials and the
ratio to the normal material gets better according to the danger of the
We also updated all the loot and skinning loot tables of the
monsters to reflect the new inferior rawhide addition. The stronger the
monster the more chance for normal Rawhide you will have.

Since the release of the original Darkfall game players have been requesting a more detailed risk vs. reward factor within the crafting and gathering system. The introduction of this latest patch addresses that concern directly, rewarding braver players with higher quality materials and giving safer players the option of harvesting the same items but at a lesser rate.

Source: Darkfall Online

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