The Mountain Peaks Of Dragon’s Prophet

Entertainment and Infernum today announced that the dragon riders of Dragon’s Prophet can now enjoy an exciting new content patch that marks the first opportunity to explore the perilous new mountainous region of Porthis.

The inhospitable terrain of Porthis has forced the remaining settlements to live in the safer conditions provided by the wide-open plateaus, where Human and and Kurian stand side-by-side with the legendary tree people, the Treants.. The introduction of the Porthis region sees two brand new additions to the instanced content of the game ntroducing two brand new dungeons, Bladeguard Underpass and Moran Cavern, complete with devilishly dangerous monsters and tantalizing rewards.

The developers have also warned that a mighty new boss monster has been added, free to roam the open world and strike down any unsuspecting player that may cross its path. If you want a quick sample of the graphical splendor on offer with the latest Dragon’s Prophet update, check out the sneak peek video below:

Source: Press Release

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