Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons Q&A Released

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Zenimax Online have just released the latest Q&A session for the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online, this time focusing on the recently released information regarding the games dungeon features. The original article detailing the games dungeon mechanics was met with mixed reactions as many players and critics were surprised at the complete lack of any staple Elder Scrolls features; with the developers choosing to highlight factors that are featured in practically every other MMO game that uses group mechanics.

The Q&A session doesn’t really reveal anything worth getting excited about. Although the author did provide arguably the greatest reason ever for the lack of cookies in a video-game:

Will we find cookies in dungeons? :3 ? By SOTD

As you are probably aware, in this time period there are no cookies.
No one is certain why there are no cookies. Some believe it was due to
the Knahaten Flu outbreak being directly linked to circular baked goods,
which explains the oblong bread shapes prevalent at this time. Still
others believe that Sheogorath made it so sugar became salt when used
for baking cookies. It is rumored he did this over what he believed was
an inappropriate bout of familiarity when his servant used a certain
term of endearment. There is probably little truth to either of those
theories. It is far more likely that a very bad batch of Bosmer Meat
Cookies, meant as a sincere gift, soured the old emperor?s stomach and
he ordered an edict to kill all bakers who even had cookies on their
menu. So, no. No cookie for you.

Outside of the rather creative answer to the lack of cookies the article offers information mostly already available. Users asked questions regarding stealth mechanics and the dungeon monster pack mentality features as well as death mechanics and solo play. For the full rundown you can visit the official website and view all of the questions and answers from the latest session.

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