Eldevin Founders Packages Now Available

Hunted Cow, developers of the popular browser-based MMO game Eldevin, today announced the immediate launch of exciting new Founders Packages. Supporters and beta testers now have the opportunity to snag some great details that include both physical and digital rewards, while helping support the game’s development cost.

Included in the digital rewards are exclusive pets, unique emotes and an exciting selection of cosmetic vanity items. Physical rewards include t-shirts, hardback art book, a keyring and a huge canvas map of the Kingdom of Eldevin.

Accompanying the new Founders Packages is an exciting game update that includes additional support for multiple characters and a brand new gem system; greatly expanding on the customization options available for weapons and armor. Two new PvP modes have also been introduced and 300 new achievements have been added to the already impressive system.

Stewart, the Producer of Eldevin, said:

“We’re pushing forward at great
speed with Eldevin and we’re excited to have reached two major
milestones today! We’re hoping to increase the level cap for the game
again later this month and follow soon after with Open Beta Weekends
where we’re including even more game content. We’ve added some new
features at players’ requests and are continuing to improve the game
based on their feedback. Our beta testers have been great and we’ve had
fun hanging out with them on the forum!”

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