Firefall CEO Issues Apology Email

The CEO of Red 5 Studios, Mark Kern, recently sent out an apology email to all those experiencing issues in the open beta release of Firefall. The game launched into open beta early last month but to the dismay of many, it was not ready.

Thousands of players were left unable to login while those that were lucky enough to get access to the servers completely froze up during the tutorial. Making matters even worse, some players could actually play the game but they were met with broken instances, missing elements of the UI and AWOL features.

When Open Beta commenced on July 9th, our servers were overwhelmed.
There were several issues that prevented people from logging in,
completing the tutorial, or using calldowns and garages and printers. As
I stated on the forums, this was our fault, and we take full
responsibility. Stage 1 of Open Beta was meant to stress our system, and
we gained many, many players during that time that did, indeed, stress
our servers.
We have also taken
many steps to improve the way the service handles load. While we still
have more to do, we have greatly stabilized the service and restored

The developers have been hard at work fixing some of the problems outlined above but as the game approaches 1 month of open beta testing, it may be too late for some players. Have you played Firefall? Any problems? Post a comment below.

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