Elite Dangerous: Horizons Release Dated For Xbox One

The team over at Frontier Developments today released official details for the release of Elite Dangerous: Horizons on Xbox One as June 3rd will see the debut of both the Planetary Landings and The Engineers update modules.

The Xbox One version of Elite Dangerous: Horizons will be available as an upgrade to the original Elite Dangerous priced at $29.99, £19.99. Additionally a full packaged version including both the original Elite: Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons will be made available in the Xbox One Commander Deluxe Edition priced at $59.99, £39.99.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons includes the Planetary Landings expansion that allows players to touch down on a planets surface to explore and battle with the forces on that world. The Engineers update, which will arrive June 3rd, opens up new mechanics with crafting and new loot features.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons - XBox One Trailer

Source: Official Website

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