Elite: Dangerous Welcomes Third Major Expansion – The Guardians

Frontier Developments continue to push the final frontier as the online space exploration, combat and trading MMO, Elite: Dangerous, welcomes another huge update with the arrival of update 2.2, The Guardians. Elite: Dangerous has gathered a huge following across multiple platforms thanks to a host of impressive, in-depth and community inspired features backed by regular updates from the developers – of which The Guardians is the third major expansion since the game launched.

The Guardians update introduces new dynamics to combat, more options with trading and greater rewards for exploration than ever before. With the launch of update 2.2 players can now install a fighter launch bay in bigger ships before selecting and modifying large-fighter craft to take on their travels with the hopes of getting the edge in the heat of combat.

Passenger gameplay has also been introduced as NPC’s across the galaxy seek out new opportunities in far corners of the galaxy. Elite: Dangerous Commanders are now able to pilot special passenger class vessels before transporting NPC’s to various space-stations and plays in return for a hefty fee.

For more information on this and future updates for Elite: Dangerous, check out the official website.

Source: Press Release

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