Elsword Celebrates With Special Dungeon And Spooky Content

Kill3rCombo has revealed an updated Halloween dungeon and a variety of other Halloween-themed content for their free-to-play mange inspired action MMORPG, Elsword.

Kill3rCombo is offering something for all of the players to celebrate the holiday with a wide range of creepy additions to the game. First off, fans will enjoy the newly remade Halloween dungeon.

“It?s a challenging romp through a spooky forest where enemies? heads have been replaced with Jack-o-lanterns. The Halloween dungeon, which was first available for a limited time last year, has been updated with new bosses from recently added areas and new encounters. The dungeon, which offers some truly unique items, is also available for a limited time and can be played once a day from Monday through Friday and twice a day on weekends.”

Not only that, but players will have to keep on their toes as the grim reaper invades random dungeons.The only way to get the grim reaper is to transform into a monster-masked warrior and fend him off.

Players will also be able to get a miniature grim reaper as a limited-time only pet for the occasion.

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