Video Game Elements We Wish We Had In Real Life

You and I both know that there remains to be some things that are in the video gaming world that we?d love to have in our real lives. These things could make living that much more fun. It could make life a little more motivating for someone, or they could just make life easier. Here is what I have come up with and they don?t go in any particular order.

[heading]Checkpoints & Saves[/heading]

This would be a huge one I?d say for the sole fact that you could save before something huge and life-altering happens. You want to ask that girl out, but are afraid of rejection? Save just before you go, and you could try a variety of different ways to ask her out and one method should succeed in the end. Are you just angry with your job and you wanted to tell your boss off? Go ahead! Why not just save at a point in your life and if something happens to not go as planned, you could always reload later? Saving would allow someone to explore different paths before choosing one and sticking with it. You want to make sure you have the best outcome out of all the possibilities. I mean, punching your boss in the face may not be the best choice, but as long as you save beforehand, you could try it out anyway.

[heading]XP Leveling Sytem [/heading]

Life is about growing and becoming the person who you want to be. We always wish we could get better at one thing or another whether it be games, work, or as simple a task such as cooking or the not-so-simple task of picking up a woman or man. Everything could potentially be easier with XP. You want to be stronger, faster or better looking? Just stand in one spot and continuing jumping for the entire day in order to keep leveling up. Of course though, whether you want to believe it or not, just by repeating a certain task, you?ll eventually get better at it. The one thing I ask all of you to do though is please just make sure you fill out your talent tree with something as awesome as Ninja skills, it?s an ultimate must-have.

[heading]No Fall Damage [/heading]

This may be one of the more interesting ones to have. Gravity gets in the way of doing some epic stuff and it is constantly holding us down. Yes, that was supposed to be a pun. Unfortunately for us, when we jump from high places, we end up dying. I?d love to be in the Matrix and be able to jump off buildings to get the ol? adrenaline pumping and landing without a scratch. Who needs physics anyway? Just be sure to use your saving method first in case, you know, there are glitches or lag or something like that. Don?t tell me you would not like no fall damage.

[heading]Health Bars[/heading]

This one is a bit interesting. I think maybe we?d all want something like this. We?d love to see the health bar fill up after we?d eat or drink something. It could be a good way to keep track of your diet ? if your bar is full, then you no longer need to eat. Along the same line, if you ever got hurt, all you?d need to do is grab a medipack and you?re all set. Where?s the MEDIC?! No matter what happens to you ? a broken arm, leg, arrow to the knee, perhaps (womp, womp), you?d be as good as new with just a quick 30 second heal or medipack.

[heading]Temporary Power-Ups [/heading]

We?d all love to have some kind of power-up for a temporary amount of time. For me, I?d like to transform into a panther and just trot around with no single worry as to what is going on. There would be other cool things like the power of invincibility or speed like in Sonic or the Power Pellet that PacMan eats to also eat the ghosts or you can get a feather, flower or leaf like Mario and have skills of shooting fly, fireballs, or be a raccoon. It?d make life a little more interesting if we had these temporary power-ups.

[heading]Bullet Time/Slow Motion [/heading]

Need more time to tasks in more than 24 hours? Just use bullet time. Time slows so you can calmly finish what you were doing whether it?s studying for a test or that thing where the deadline is coming up fast on you for the task you were assigned to do.

[heading]Cut Scenes [/heading]

Life can be complicated, as we all know. We?ve got bills to pay, relationships to maintain and sometimes we just need answers to something. Luckily, within games, anything that you need to know will be explained in a convenient cut scene that happens right when you need to know it. A sudden revelation or flash of light that shows up that may not have been relevant to you then, but helps you now and is relevant to that moment.

There are obviously a lot of other elements that would be useful or be cool to have in your life, but I just mentioned a few that were interesting. What sort of things from video games would you want to have in your life? Let us know below!

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  1. How about every time you have achieved a goal, done something epic, or passed/completed a personal mission money and experience is automatically put into your pocket? =)

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