Elsword Introduces New Dungeons and Ninja Costumes

What I hate about games is when they become stale.  When developer’s neglect the game, let it sit around and hope players will keep playing.  Well fortunately that’s not the case for Kill3rCombo and their free to play action MMORPG Elsword.  This week, Kill3rCombo will launch three new dungeons, increase the level cap and debut ninja costumes in Elsword. Players will now be able to achieve level 60 as they explore the remaining three dungeons of Elsword’s newest region, Hamel, and come face to face with the dark secrets of the ancient city.
The three new dungeons include Magmanta’s Cave, where players must battle deep into the icy lair of the vile Magmanta, which is a massive spider with sub-zero breath, duh.  The second dungeon is called the Temple of Frozen Water, in this temple there is an other-wordly priest called Avalanche, who lies in wait.  The developer mentions that there are many environmental hazards abound in the temple, and players will need to be nimble to stay alive.  Finally, players will be using the higher level cap for the Halls of Water and the ultimate showdown with Ran, leader of the shadow demons, in a mini-boss rich dungeon that combines new bosses with some familiar foes from previous worlds.
And remember how I mentioned ninja costumes?  So players of all levels can now conquer their enemies in style as ninja costumes become available for the first time. To celebrate the cool and stylish ninja threads, ninja-themed events and items will be available for a limited time.
So what are you waiting for?  Play Elsword NOW!  Did we mention it’s free?

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