Elsword Launches New Update

The latest patch to Elsword brings plenty of exciting new features and content to players of this side scrolling MMO. The level cap has been raised to 50 and new dungeons have also been released.

The games PvP system has been improved and now allows players to jump into a PvP battle during the middle of a game. Players can now me matched up automatically and will earn Arena Points through these auto matches which can be spent on new weapons. These matches can also be against extremely difficult NPCs whose defeat will reap amazing bonuses.

Leveling has also become easier and more fun. When playing with a friend your experience points will be gained quicker. The eagerly anticipated final two levels of the Velder town are now available, challenging players to drive the invading demons out of the Capital City and to fight through the Commercial Area to the Southern Gate for a showdown with the leader of the occupying forces.

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