Star Wars The Old Republic Coming in December

With Christmas just around the corner there is one thing many games have been adding to their wish list and that?s Star Wars: the Old Republic. Electronic Arts announced SWTOR, one of the companies most anticipated games, will be released on December 20, 2011 in North America and Dec 22 in Europe.

With the games release, EA will be trying to chip away at WoW, a behemoth that has dominated the online MMO space since 2004. Bio-Ware, which produced the game is known for their great stories and cinematic experience which EA is hopping will pull subscribers away from WoW.

According to Electronic Arts chief exec John Riccitiello Star Wars: The Old Republic needs 500,000 subscribers to break even and 1 million to be profitable and 2 million to make it look like a great investment. May the force be with him!

Pricing information was also included in the announcement and will be similar to other online MMORPGS at $14.99 a month and discounts if you purchase longer subscriptions upfront. There will be eight classes to choose from, four on the Republic side and four on the Empire side with both having over 100 hours of game play just in story mode.

What makes this game unique is that players will use conversation to move towards the light side or the dark side. So you could be a Jedi Night that falls into the more sinister dark side or a bounty hunter that moves towards the light side.

While SWTOR will be out on Dec 20, gamers that pre-order the game will get early access, but a date hasn?t been specified yet. Be sure to mark your calendars as this game is one of the most anticipated of the year.

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