Elsword – Way of the Sword System Introduced

Kill3rCombo has just introduced a brand new gameplay system for their manga inspired free to play action MMORPG Elsword.  One of the primary features of this update is a special unlocking of true mastery for the title character Elsword.  A brand new innovative system that brings dramatic strategies to both co-op and competitive play is in store.

With this new “Way of the Sword” system, all of Elsword’s attacks, including his special moves, are now classified as ‘destruction’ or ‘vitality’ attacks.  Elsword can build up his meter to activate the Destruction or Vitality modes by only using those attacks in the category for a period of time.  Once unlocked Elsword will gain special powers and abilities.  In Destruction mode his damaging force will increase and he will gain the ability to enter a super armored state.  In his Vitality mode, Elsword will become more energetic while fighting, he will also gain movement speed and attack speed as well as reducing the cost of his special attacks.

Kill3rcombo is also announcing that on the eve of Thanksgiving, they will be having short term sales.  The sales will come on Black Friday and the following Saturday.  If you are interested in taking advantage of the deals you just need to head to the Elsword Online homepage to learn more.

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