Heroes and Generals – Eisenhower Videolog

A brand new developer video log for the popular MMO Shooter Heroes & Generals has just been released and is available for your viewing pleasure.

The game just went through an all new “Eisenhower” build and this videolog shows all of the latest changes that took place in the war room.  Some of the changes are a new matchmaking services and some great new battlefield enhancements.  What’s great about the matchmaking service that was added was that it makes it easier for new players to jump right in to the action.

Heroes & Generals is a free to play, massively scaled WWII shooter that combines unique strategic controls to bring a never before seen take on warfare.  The game is currently in closed beta, but has been snapped up by Square Enix.  

If you are interested in signing up for a beta key, you can do so at their homepage.  Be sure to give them feedback so they can help make the game that YOU want to play.  Videolog is below!  Enjoy.


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