Enchanter Class Revealed For Black Gold Online

Snail Games today revealed the latest class for the highly anticipated Black Gold Online with the introduction of Enchanter. Unlike the typical Mage archetype of today’s MMO titles the Enchanter in Black Gold Online is a DPS/Tank hybrid, utilizing a sword and board approach over your traditional wand or scepter.

Players choosing to enter the world as Kosh, Yutonian or Human will have the opportunity to sample the skills of the Enchanter, using heavy (scale and plate) armor, with quick-casting spells and a one handed sword.

Spellswords are capable of wielding magic to boost
their strength and cripple their opponents. They are exceptionally
balanced and highly adaptable to fit any role on the battlefield, making
them an excellent base unit for enhancing a team?s strength.

For more information on Black Gold Online, or the Enchanter class, click the link below.

Source: Official Website

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