Upcoming SMITE Patch Introduces Geb, God Of Earth

Hi-Rez Studios revealed the contents of the latest SMITE patch during a live stream yesterday, introducing a number of new God skins as well as Geb, the God of Earth. The patch was originally intended to launch last night but unforeseen problems have delayed the patch. Hi-Rez Bart recently Tweeted a message stating that the patch should go live something this evening, EST.

Geb, the God of Earth, debuts as a rock solid tank that gives players the ability to control the battlefield through a variety of deadly attacks. His passive reduces incoming critical damage to 25% while his other abilities allow him to knock enemies around the battlefield with little fear of death.

The developers have also made multiple changes to the arena mode, highlighted below:

  • The Arena mode under the Normal tab now features a two map rotation. Matches will randomly rotate between the two maps.
  • One map is the ?traditional? Arena map with traditional arena rules.
  • The
    second map is a new version of the Arena. This features fully updated
    art. In addition, the Manticore will spawn after every 10 player kills
    on a side. If your side can escort the Manticore through the other
    team?s portal, the other team loses 10 points

New Gold Skins have also been introduced for Hel and Ah Muzen Cab. For a full list of changes you can view the official patch notes.

Source: Patch Notes

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