End Of Early Access For Nether

Earlier this month Nether Productions announced that the first-person online survival game, Nether, had exited Steam Early access and was available as a full release. Supporting this exciting announcement is a massive new Nether sale that currently sees up to 50% of the retail price. To celebrate the announcement the developers are rewarding all players with a unique potion, that grants the ability to play as a Nether, and several Golden Chest keys used to unlock rare loot boxes scattered throughout the game world.

For players that have purchased either the Chosen or Believer package, they’ll receive a refill of their guest keys and earn 1 Gold coin for each key they send that is redeemed.

launching early access, we’ve continually worked with our rabid
community to drive development of all the features that make Nether a
survival gaming experience unlike any other,” said Chip Sineni, Creative
Director at Phosphor Games. “We never knew what Nether would look like
at full release and we have been constantly amazed at the player
enthusiasm to help create a solid game.”

At the time of this posting, Nether is currently included in one of the community voted sales on the Steam client. Should the community vote for that option, Nether will see a massive 80% price drop – $4.99 / £2.20.

Source: Press Release

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