Enjoy The Destiny Loot Cave While You Can – A Fix Is Coming

Today Bungie released some new developer notes aimed at informing the growing Destiny community of the changes and updates they can expect to see in the near future. One of the changes that has caused quite the stir among the community is a fix for the famous Loot Cave farming exploit. In the developer notes Bungie express their enjoyment when watching the social phenomena surrounding the Loot Cave and its endless potential for high level gear, while at the same time highlighting that it was not the intended activity for players to enjoy when farming for high level items. A fix will arrive soon that will see the spawns at the cave adjusted and rewards from other activities improved.

Other notable changes include adjustments to Engrams at the Crpytarch and new social voice functions. Those familiar with turning in endless Engrams at the Cryptarch only to be rewarded with lackluster equipment in exchange will be happy to hear that Bungie will be making several improvements to increase the quality of loot received when exchanging higher level Engrams – although for those of us that have already spent endless hours doing so…it feels a little late.

The social voice communication changes follow many complaints from the community surrounding the level of difficulty and lack of communication in some of the games more difficult activities. Bungie’s response is to create a new feature that will allow players to opt-in to party-wide VOIP prior to certain tasks – allowing all events arranged through matchmaking to have higher levels of communication between players.

For more information on the future changes heading to Destiny, check out the link below.

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