Next-Gen Warframe Updates On PS4 & Xbox One

Earlier today Digital Extremes announced the next batch of content for the critically acclaimed next-gen releases for the AAA free-to-play MMO, Warframe. A launch title for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the first free-to-play game released under the ID@Xbox self-publishing program, Warframe continues its successful PC habits with regular content updates across its array of platforms.

new customisation options for your Warframe and Kubrow to a chilling
event mission for you to test out some new weaponry, Update 14.5 has
plenty of content to keep fans busy,” said Pat Kudirka, associate
producer at Digital Extremes.  “We’re excited for players to chill out with the cool new content.  Boots are not optional!”

Update 14.5 is now available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It introduces the improved Mod card system, brand new upgrades and a new system that allows players to compare their Warframe builds with other members of the community. A brand new game mode, Excavation, is also available and will eventually replace all of the current missions using the Survival objective set.

The team at Digital Extremes have summarized the latest update in an exciting new feature reveal trailer, check it out!

Warframe U14.5 | Operation Cryotic Front Highlights

Source: Press Release

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