Entropy Enters Steam Early Access

Artplant, the developers of Bigpoints award-winning Battlestar Galactica Online, today announced the early access program for the exciting open-universe science-fiction MMO, Entropy. Despite only just beginning its early access period Entropy already boasts an incredibly impressive 120 explorable star systems, each of which can be interacted with on a number of different levels. Each sector comes complete with a variety of appealing factors, attracting dozens of players and laying the foundations for battles on a massive scale.

Entropy promises to deliver pulse-pounding aerial combat as players are able to participate in epic battles of up to one hundred simultaneous players. Couple this with the ability to customize your character and ship to suit your play-style and you’ve got the grounds for truly exciting PvP combat.

The fuel behind every player in Entropy is the economy. In a very similar way to EVE Online players are able to transport goods between ports, taking advantage of supply and demand in each sector, while also preying on those that venture into space unprepared as a dastardly pirate.

For more information on Entropy’s early access program, click here.

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