Inferno Legend Closed Beta Begins Today

Gamebox first revealed Inferno Legend last month but a rather lackluster trailer and lack of in-game media has left many fans still wanting. Last week the developers announced that the closed beta would begin today and accompanying that announcement was another trailer that lacked any real gameplay footage, but it did feature a rather strange looking wizard.

The closed beta is now upon us but there’s still a severe lack of information surrounding the games core features, setting and graphical quality. However, the latest press release did include some information on the available classes in the game.

Vampire: Has
noble blood and is a killer at night. They can learn swordsmanship and
black magic. Vampires are good at attacking in advance. The abilities
are well balanced.
Mummy: Pharaoh of the ancient fallen civilization, they can control the servant-monsters and spread curses.
Cyclops: A giant and robust race with the extra ability of launching light beams from their eyes.
Faerie: The race that protects the source of magic in Hell. They are both nifty and naive.
Samurai: The soul of the loyal and brave warriors. The master of swordsmanship when alive and combine it with magic when dead.

So now we know it’s a client-based MMORPG game with a reversal on the typical heroic fantasy storyline with classes but outside of that, your guess is as good as mine.

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