Epic New Dungeon Now Available In Dragon’s Prophet

Sony Online Entertainment today announced the immediate release of the highly anticipated Column of the Prophet update for the award-winning MMORPG, Dragon’s Prophet. Things have been a little quiet on the update front recently but dragon riders will log in to a huge treat today following the arrival of the games biggest dungeon and one of the most difficult PvE challenges available.

Column of the Prophet soars 100 stories into the sky and today opens its gates to the brave inhabitants of Auratia. As players climb each floor of the tower they’ll encounter increasingly difficult foes and a massive variety of bosses from all corners of Auratia. Only the strongest will emerge victorious but with the coveted Laedis Hero set awaiting victors, it won’t stop the less capable from trying.

The developers have warned that a high degree of combat ability is required to survive the challenges in the Column of the Prophet. There are three main aids as groups climb the tower including a medic to revive fallen comrades and 2 types of NPC that will aid with combat.

Source: Official Website

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