The Epidemic Spreads – Dead Island: Epidemic Open Beta Underway

Deep Silver and Stunlock Studios today announced the beginning of open beta testing for the highly anticipated free-to-play action MMO, Dead Island: Epidemic. Accompanying the launch of the open beta client on Steam, Dead Island: Epidemic has been treated to a massive content update including new PvE modes, an overhaul to the progression & crafting systems, new passive skills and a newly designed loot system.

The new PvE mode, Crossroads, adds further depth to the PvE elements with higher replay value, dynamic changes and a more streamlined skill requirement so that both beginners and experienced players can enjoy a mode without the competitive pressures of PvP.

The newly improved Progression System has seen the removal of individual levels for each character, replacing it with a global level that applies to all characters on one account and unlocking the rewards accordingly.

Character weapon expertise has also been removed in favor of a new system that sees each character given a unique passive ability and smarter loot drops provide more guaranteed quality levels of loot without the excessive randomness of the previous system.

For more information check out the official website.

Source: Press Release

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