Eredan is a social fantasy themed online trading card game MMO. Players compete against each other to become the ultimate warrior.  Your goal is to duel other players using your magical deck of cards.  Purchase boosters and wield powerful weapons and spells as you create and customize your hand.  Intense battles and tactful strategy are keys to proving to the world that you have what it takes to be the last hero standing.

Eredan takes on a medieval fantasy theme.  Players are to become heroes in a world where it?s hard to distinguish the difference between friend and foe. Creatures of darkness have begun to terrorize a land already torn apart by war, and  a leader must be forged. Using a simulation similar to the mechanics of a physical card game, players create their own deck of characters and spells to play against others in a duel to the death. Win matches, upgrade heroes, and participate in tournaments.

Although comparable to other TCG’s like Carte, this game features Facebook integration which allows users to connect with their Facebook friends or make new ones through the game. There is a wide selection of cards to collect and trade. Hundreds of different spell and weapon combinations make for thousands of unique playing styles and strategies.  Many cards are unique to certain classes and many characters providing bonus stats to different cards. Each signature hero card displays the character?s race, class, and guild. The game also features six multi-classes combining the Priest, Mage, Warrior, and Marauder class that are available as players advance.

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