Razer announces left-handed version of the Naga MMO gaming mouse

I’ll be honest: I love Razer’s products.  I’ve been a fan for years now and all of my PC peripherals are Razer.  I’m able to use all the stuff they make, though, because I’m right-handed.  There’s a lot of people out there who use mice in their left hands.  Razer makes left-handed and ambidextrous mice, but there is no left-hand version of their Naga MMO mouse.  Until now, with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan announcing on  his Facebook that they will make it.

“You spoke. We listen. At Razer, the community is pretty much everything to us. Hell, we are part of the community (For Gamers. By Gamers. baby!) and I’m happy to announce that we achieved the 10K likes on the LH Naga in less than a week (and 3 more weeks to the deadline). Well, we’re going to make it. It’ll take at least till next year, but it will be done. Till then, keep those ideas coming!”

At GamesCom last year, a gamer stood up and said “You guys suck – you need to make a left handed Naga”. I paused, looked at him and said “Dude – we’re the ONLY brand in the world that makes a left handed gaming mouse – the Razer DeathAdder.” He thought about it, smiled and said “Thank you and I’m sorry I said you guys sucked.”

We’ve always taken care of the southpaw gamers of the world with our ambi mice and the LH DA – in fact, for every left-handed DeathAdder we make, we’re losing money with each sale – and this in turn means we have less dollars for research and development of other products. But we do it because we believe that For Gamers. By Gamers – means for Left Hand Gamers too.

And we DO want to make a left handed Naga – but we can’t just make it for 100 people – even for 10,000 gamers, it’s a huge loss maker for Razer.

But I do hear all of you out there that have been asking for a LH Naga – and I’ll throw the challenge back to you – if there are 10,000 Likes in a month from now on this post, we WILL make a LH Razer Naga. You’ll need to be patient though – because it will take at least a year from when we start. But you will have my word that we will make one.

So – Left Handed MMO Gamers of the World – it’s all up to you. 10,000 Likes by 21 April 2012 and we will make a Left Handed Naga – for you – For Gamers. By Gamers.”

Why I love Razer: they listen to their fans.

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