EVE Online Approaches 12th Anniversary – Developers Reveal Free Goodies For New Eden Explorers

One of the most celebrated MMO games of our time continues its reign of dominance as the critically acclaimed science-fiction MMORPG EVE Online is soon to celebrate a momentous 12th anniversary. One day from now, Wednesday May 6th, marks an epic 12 years since the very first capsuleers braved the unexplored world of New Eden and developers CCP Games are proud to announce a series of events and special rewards as to mark such an occasion.

To celebrate the 12th anniversary event the EVE Online team will be gifting all community members a pair of implants as part of the coveted Genolution set, CA-1 and CA-2. As both implants fetch an attractive price on the market, the team today confirmed their wider introduction to the game to decrease the chances of shady exploits on the marketplace. On May 6th every active EVE Online account will be given the Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3 and Genolution Core Augmentation CA-4 implants as a celebratory gift, with additional sweeteners in the form of a Women’s ‘Gunner’ Jacket (Mordu’s Legion) or a Men’s ‘Marshal’ Jacket (Mordu’s Legion).

[quote cite=”CCP Falcon”]Regardless of affiliation, loyalty, activity or history in EVE, every member of our community both past and present has contributed to what is considered by many to be the one of the most vibrant and compelling works of science fiction in existence. We hope that in two days, you’ll all take a moment to chart your history in EVE and think about the experiences, events, conquests and betrayals that have shaped your presence in New Eden. [/quote]

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