EVE Online Community To Aid Nepal Refugees

Following the recent devastating events of the earthquake in Nepal award-winning developers of EVE Online, CCP Games, today announced a Plex for Good campaign inviting the EVE Online community to have a positive impact on the relief efforts of the stricken nation. The community play a vital part in the fundraising efforts set forth by CCP Games as all Plex donated in-game by the players will result in a $15 donation to the Icelandic Red Cross from CCP Games. The special fundraising event is already underway and will continue through until May 15th.

All participating players will receive special thanks in-game in the form of two exclusive in-game t-shirts.

[quote cite=”CCP Games Falcon”]These earthquakes have caused unprecedented destruction across the area, leveling homes, businesses and reducing to rubble heritage that has stood for thousands of years. With the United Nations confirming that the death toll has surpassed 6,000 people, foreign aid has begun to pour in from across the globe. [/quote]

Source: Official Website

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