EVE Online Soon To Welcome Improved New Player Experience In Mosaic Update

Award-winning development studio CCP Games today announced the plans for the release schedule for the upcoming update to critically acclaimed EVE Online, Mosaic.

Beginning later this month, April 28th, players will have the opportunity to explore the myriad of new features and improvements coming with the Mosaic update, many already showcased in past weeks.

Veteran EVE Online players are sure to welcome the balance adjustments and improvements targeting the Tier 3 Destroyer category, while those exploring the EVE Online universe for the first time will be welcomed with a massively improved new player experience that aims to educate, inform and introduce players to the vast mechanics of EVE Online in a more accessible and streamlined fashion.

Other elements of the Mosaic update include new permanent ship skins, a new 3D star map, new effects for tower forcefields, new assembly effects and new Serpentis and Blood Raider missions.

For more information, check out EVE Online today.

Source: Press Release

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