EVE Online To Construct A Monument In Honor Of Epic Battle

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CCP Games and the EVE Online community are coming together to build a massive monument in honor of the record-breaking battle now known as the Bloodbath of B-R5RB. The battle now holds the title as the biggest in the history of EVE Online and will be commemorated in-game with a new Titanomachy monument, built from the wrecked models of the ship introduced shortly after the battle in the Rubicon 1.1 update, the Titan ship.

The monument will feature in the game permanently and will be placed in the proximity of the seventh planet in the B-R5RB with many players already promising to include it as part of a pilgrimage visiting the most iconic locations in the history of EVE Online.

The developers released a recap of the epic battle in their latest developer diary. The greatest aspect of this memorable battle? It all began because somebody forgot to pay the bills.

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